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Bleach Spot Repair

Get rid of unsightly bleach spots in carpets and rugs with our precise colour-matching services.

Carpet Dyeing Specialists are experts at making ugly bleach spots and stains vanish from rugs and carpets. With three decades of experience under our belt, we’re the number one bleach spot repair company in the whole of the UK.
  • Removing bleach spots for 30 years
  • Thousands of carpets and rugs brought back to life
  • Masters of the art of dyeing carpets to mask unsightly spots
  • Dyes are guaranteed to last the lifetime of the item
  • Serving domestic and commercial customers all over the world
We can travel anywhere within the UK to deliver top-quality bleach spot repair services on your carpet or rug in your own home or place of business – and we’re the only company to do so!
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Wave goodbye to bleach spots

There’s nothing worse than spilling bleach onto a carpet or rug. Even the smallest stains can turn the item’s fibres an eye-catching colour, leading to unsightly spots. That used to mean expensive replacement of the entire rug or carpet. But now, there’s now a better way.

Carpet Dyeing Specialists have spent the last 30 years perfecting the art of dyeing bleach spots to match the surrounding material. We employ painstaking techniques which require a huge amount of skill – and the results speak for themselves. From homeowners to hotel chains, we’ve helped countless customers get rid of bleach spots, restoring thousands of items to their former glory in the process.

As well as being the only bleach spot repair specialist to cover the whole of the UK, we also serve European and global markets. What’s more, we’re approved by major carpet manufacturing brands like Inspired Interiors, Capitol Carpets and Haliden Oriental Carpets, as well as premier names in hospitality like the Accor Group hotel chain.

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For free advice or more information call us today on 
07946 431 816

  • I would highly recommend Dave and the Carpet Dyeing Specialists team. I had a bleach spill on my carpet that was only a few years old so was reluctant to replace it. Dave came out and dyed the bleach marks and removed all spots. I was amazed that my carpets looked brand new again. I will definitely use them again and recommend them without hesitation.

    Chris Hancock | Suffolk

Bleach spot repair FAQs

How do you remove bleach spots?

Strictly speaking, it’s not actually possible to “remove” a bleach spot from a carpet or rug. Instead, we use sophisticated dyeing techniques to match the stain to the surrounding colours, making it disappear before your very eyes. For all other types of stain removal, you should seek assistance from a professional cleaning company.

How much do you charge for Bleach Spot Repairs?

The exact price of our bleach spot repair services will depend upon the type of rug or carpet and the size of the stains. While we can’t give you a standard price for all our work, we can guarantee it will be significantly cheaper than replacing the item outright.

Can you complete a Bleach Spot Repair job within 24 hours?

Most domestic projects can be completed on the same day we start them. Commercial jobs, such as hotels, can take longer. For rugs, all bleach spot repairs are performed remotely at our base in the south of England and will be handled as quickly as possible.

Is it possible to repair bleach spots myself?

The precision techniques we use to colour-match a bleach spot to the surrounding material have taken decades to master. While you’re certainly welcome to try and replicate our results, you will only be successful in damaging the surface further. The only alternative to contracting our services is replacing the carpet or rug altogether.

Can you guarantee your Bleach Spot Repair work?

At Carpet Dyeing Specialists, we only ever use the very best products for all our work. This means that the dyes we favour are guaranteed to last as long as the rug or carpet itself, as long as it’s cared for appropriately. Of course, if further spillages are allowed to occur, more work will be needed.

Do you travel across the UK for Bleach Spot Repairs? 

After a free and informal chat over the phone, we’ll arrange a time and date to inspect the carpet or rug at your address. We’ll also carry out the work on that same day in almost all cases. We’re the only company in the UK to offer a nationwide, in-person service! That’s how you know you’re in good hands with Carpet Dyeing Specialists.
For free advice or more information call us today on 
07946 431 816

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